the Stars Are Watching Me (EPK)


Hello!    I have created this page as an EPK of sorts for my 2018 album “the Stars are Watching Me”

A huge thanks to all of you who got a copy!!

It was an epic adventure to get this album recorded and released and I am still very proud of it.

I hope that some of you will come by my Twitch or YouTube Channels and say hello from time to time!

Samples and Downloads


the Stars are Watching Me (4:36):  This progressive electronic song is dark and full of intrigue.  The interplay between a chill lounge piano and a biting synth lead grows till it sounds like Phillip K. Dick and Massive Attack worked together on a futuristic thriller full of tension.  And yet, the seedy underside of this cat and mouse game is surprisingly chill.  A perfect complement for mysteries and cocktails… and lasers.


Tiny Pretty Blue (3:10): This Louis L’Amour meets Bob Seger inspirational combines an Americana acoustic guitar, a rock organ, and a solid backbone with some of the fanciest piano licks on the record.  It’s a galloping otherworldly spiritual that is the perfect positive motivational soundtrack for getting things done.


A Cylindrical Sea (5:19):  This relaxing soundscape is one of the more subtle pieces on the record and is perfectly chill for dreamy nights and reminiscing by still waters.  This song features a combination of African, Asian, and swing rhythms reminiscent of a Peter Gabriel record smothered with a dirty guitar that would be at home in a David Lynch movie and a beautiful violin filled with pensive longing.   Perfectly paired with a nice scotch.


Watercolor World (4:00):  This is an upbeat folk pop instrumental with rhythmic strumming piano/banjo (pianjo?) melodies backed by a resonant neo-classical violin.  This 80s inspired soundtrack conjures images of Dexy’s Midnight Runners or ABBA backed by an light orchestra.


Said the Spaceman (3:59):  The funnest track in the album, this Tui inspired synth funk makes you want to get up and move.  It’s Woody Woodpecker meets Stevie Wonder, Bootsy Collins, a serious synth lead and a splash of comedy.   If you’re not careful, you just might smile!


Mars Wants Me Dead (4:19):  Purposely John Carpenter-esque, this dark sci-fi mystery thriller contrasts an industrial underbelly with a flowing neo-classical piano that builds until it shatters.  One part Noir, one part Cyberpunk, and one part Jim Brickman….   It’s Altered Carbon meets Black Dalhia meets Escape from New York.


Spannungsbogen (4:19):   A cheeky over-the-top prog rock instrumental that invokes the Trans-Siberian Orchestra and Dream Theater.  Perfect for alien battle sequences or samurai-ninja battles.   Surprisingly popular in Germany (thanks!!).


The Deconstruction of Falling Stars (4:14):  Take a deep breath and step into the sunset lounge coffee shop where jazzy house music is interwoven with samples of sitars, horn, and flutes.   Think Kool & the Gang’s ‘Summer Madness’ with a mad sexy piano.   Headphones are the way to go with this one.


But Who Does? (7:16):  This sweeping inspirational is perfect for quite introspection and reflection.  Reminiscent of Vangelis or Howard Shore, this soundscape starts gentle and builds to a full symphonic apotheosis.   Bring tissues.


Thanks for listening!   I hope you enjoyed this cinematic adventure!