2021 | Our Best Recipes

Our recipe for Phyllo Dough Apple Muffins covered with powdered sugar, whipped cream, and a sprinkle of cinnamon was a favorite in 2021


Laura and I love to cook together. It’s one of the best things a couple can do to keep their relationship strong. We love to experiment with making (and eating!) new things and putting our own little twists on traditional recipes.

With COVID keeping us mostly dining at home, we were always looking for good recipes to work with and we thought it might be a fun project to put together a kind-of cookbook for all of our friends online to share some our best creations.   Every time we made a ‘stand-out’ meal, we saved our recipes and took a photo or two for reference.   Now that 2021 is over – I’ve compiled the best ones (so far!) below.    Our hope is that you will be inspired and find at least one new delicious favorite from our list.    Let us know if you do!  🙂

Cheers for a wonderful and tasty 2022!


We’ve tagged each meal and you can find specific recipes using the category cloud below: