Art and Photography

Laura and I are West Seattle based avid photographers and digital artists working with both DALL-e and Midjourney
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Our Jealous Antagonist

Way back in the mid 90s, I partnered with Sleep-Ins guitarist Chad Corley and thermal romantic producer Michael Lee Thomas to create Bathsheva’s Minefield Dream (with lots of play on mind/filled). It actually even did pretty well on the then nascent! My favorite from the project was this song, “Our Jealous Antagonist.”‘ It was
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The 1980s Song Title / a.i. art game

Can you guess the 1980s era song titles based on the artwork? Mouse over or tap the images to see the answer! All art is by Robert Peckyno created via Midjourney.

The Midjourney Art Song Title Game

Can you guess the song titles based on the images? Hover for the answer! All art was created by Robert Peckyno using Midjourney.

March Midjourney AI art

A small subset of all the cool Midjourney AI art that we’ve been making over the past month including a few new products for the Etsy store!

Teaching Art With A.I. Rockets

There are lots of open questions both copyright and moral about AI created art – but, of all of the various discussions regarding the rise of AI, one that hasn’t really been discussed is using AI to TEACH art style. Ask yourself – What makes a style? What makes art unique? Color? Texture? Tone? Medium?
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Seamless Tiles with Midjourney

From games to textiles, websites to wallpaper, a good seamless tile is gold. It’s important that it flows and looks reasonable organic – ideally with no clear distinction where one tile begins and ends. We have been creating these by hand since the earliest days of photoshop – a once somewhat tedious artistic process of
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