‘yARrrr Pirate Adventure’ Instructions

the SUMMER SCRAMBLE has ended!

August 3rd – 6th 2023

Use your phone to find the hidden augmented reality pirates and collect their treasure.

Find all 20 for a chance at one of three Grand Prize Treasure Chests

How to Participate

To begin your adventure, first visit the Summer Scramble Homepage – register your team and download the clue sheet.
There are 20 clues – each directing you to a specific location in West Seattle.

Here’s a quick 1:30 summary on how to play

Here’s the step by step

Using your Pirate / Treasure Detector

Once you have figured out a clues, head to that location and use your phone to:

Like Pokemon Go! and other similar games, this application needs to use your phones Geolocation, Audio, & Camera to function. You will be asked upon first loading the window. iPhone users may need to manually allow Location settings. To do so, simply go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Safari Websites and enable GPS and geolocation services. [See here for further details]

Unless you are very lucky, you probably will not start within range of a pirate – so you will likely get a pop up window that says “Oops! No pirates nearby.” You can close or ignore these – they are just to let you know your pirate detector is functioning and ready to find pirates!

Leave your browser window open and turn the audio up on your phone because once you are getting close, you will hear the sound of sea shanties and get a pop up Treasure Alert!! Congratulations, you’ve solved the first part of the clue!!

Now you need to use the second part of the clue to find the nearby hiding pirate!!

Once the pirate is in range, you will get another audio notification.    You will hear the pirate before you can see it.    Check your radar (the circle at the bottom left) and you will see an orange dot showing you which direction to look for the pirate. (e.g. dark grey is in front of you)

If you cannot find them or they do not appear, just tap on your radar and select VIEW MAP and look for the pirate icon nearby on your map.   You can also increase the range of your pirate detector here.  (Note:  this will reset to 8m every time you re-open the page.)     When you are near the pirates location, click LIVE PREVIEW (phones) or STEREO (wearables) to return to the pirate detector and capture them.

Once you have found them, simply ‘TAP’ the pirate to ‘capture’ them (though some may try to avoid capture…) and get them to show you where the treasure is hidden.

They will also give you a password that you will need later on – so remember these!  Pro tip:  Keep a list of destinations +Passwords]

Tapping the ‘Show Map’ button will bring up Google Maps and reveal the location of that pirates treasure. For our example, the treasure is located at the SPOT.

[If you close the pop up and the pirate escapes before you learn the treasures location, simply reload the page and it will reset.]

You’ve done it!

Now close your pirate detector and head to the location on your map.

Finding Treasure

Once you are where the pirate told you to be, reopen your Pirate Detector to look for the treasure chest.

As before, you will get an audio notification and the treasure chest will appear on your pirate detector radar.

TAP the treasure chest to open and follow the instructions to register your find and collect this treasure!!

We need your name and email to track your progress.
You also have the option of joining the mailing list
(of the business you are currently standing in front of!)

Inside these chests you will find a variety of coupons, discounts, freebies, and other cool items
all donated by and supporting local West Seattle businesses (while supplies last!!).

How to Enter the GRAND PRIZE Drawing(s):

There are 20 total pirates hidden around West Seattle – each with its own unique loot – but AVAST YE!!

Three larger treasure chests are also up for grabs, each holding a significant booty of local treasures!!

Capture ALL 20 pirates during the Summer Scramble (running from August 03 – 06, 2023) and your team will be entered into a drawing for one of these Grand Prize Chests. (See the Summer Scramble Homepage for more details about what treasures are in the chests.)

To enter, you must:

      1. Register your team at the Summer Scramble Website.
        (This does not have to be first, but must be done before the contest ends!!)
      2. Use the same email address at each Treasure location so we can track your progress!
      3. That’s it!    Good Luck!! (Odds depend on the number of participating teams completing the quests.)

Other Questions

Q: I don’t want to use Augmented Reality, can I still participate in the Summer Scramble??
A: YES!  At both the pirate and treasure locations, look for stickers with a special QR code link that you can follow to move on to the next step or retrieve the treasure.   For the pirates, these are in the collectable treasure bags (see below)

Q: I found a plastic zip bag with a commemorative Summer Scramble tags near my pirate, what’s up with these?
A: CONGRATULATIONS! These are collectable unique mementos. Please take only one!   There should also be password trackers inside!!

Q: I’ve heard the pirate, but can’t see them on my radar?
A: Tap your RADAR then tap “View Map” to see which direction you need to walk.   Also, you can increase the range of your detector here.

Q: I’m tapping on the pirate but they won’t stop moving….!
A: Some pirates are slightly more tricky than others, just keep trying – you’ll get it!

Q: What do you mean by while supplies last?
A; We have no idea how many teams will sign up so if we get significantly more teams than expected, businesses may run out of their promotions. Find your pirates early!

Q: Does this application use a lot of phone data?
A: No.    However, it uses your camera, gps, and processer heavily so prolonged use does use a fair bit of battery.    Only use while questing.

Q: The music has stopped, does that mean there are no pirates nearby?
A: Not necessarily – the music plays through once so if you have not found the pirate in <3 minutes, it will stop playing. However, there is only one pirate per location, so if you have found one, then you are good to move on to the next clue!


No pirates have been harmed in the making of this application.

2023 Participants Include: