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We are artists, adventurers, educators, photographers, and 
web/desktop publishing gurus with over 30 years experience.  
Robert is also a soundscape composer and live pianist.  
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Laura in Auckland Harbour

Auckland – and so it begins…

Bob & Laura

And We’re Off!

After a grueling month driving across the US to see friends old and new, we have finally arrived at the...

Autumn Texture live in Albany Oregon

Autumn Texture (live)

It was great fun this year playing the Musical Bingo tracks.  Here’s Autumn Texture (#31) – live in Albany, OR...

Live in Albany

Fractal Fugue Redux – Live (twice!) in Albany, OR

In a particularly “Meta” moment: the backing tracks for “Fractal Fugue” were improv’d live on 08/29/2015 at the Albany Farmer’s...

tree cloud

A busy Spring with much ado in the works!

First and most important – I’ve added a show at the Albany Market on May 21st.    The market takes place...


Hard Like Water

It was one of my undergraduate prof’s that taught me the phrase “Hard Like Water.”      Water takes the shape of...


Top 10 Songs from Musical Bingo

Well, I think we’re going to have to stop at 39 songs for the year – especially now that we’re...


Musical Bingo #39: Steam, String, and Sphere

This one started as an actual bingo with random notes pulled from the vase, but after I put down the...


Musical Bingo Ep. #38 – Sunshine Superman

I was so happy with the last few songs that I was having trouble getting anything new recorded that I...


Musical Bingo #37: Up2GetDown

Perhaps the funkiest thing so far on this record… Definitely the best keyboard solo! More hooks than a fishing show...

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