Tales from Resonant

After a long morning at Resonant Mastering in Seattle, I am excited to say the music for Astounding Stories, Vol. 1 is – as they say – in the can!

The key to good mastering is toes… 😉

Was really cool to see how a studio specifically focused in on Mastering approaches the process (versus other studios that do it on the side when they don’t have recording time booked). I’m still loving the results!!

Part of the Astounding Stories, Vol. 1 Cover Art

Laura and I collaborated on some design ideas and the cover art is actually almost classy… I know right? I still haven’t pinned down a final design, but I think we are getting very close now! 🙂 I’m aiming for a July release so I have time to finish up the video game tie-ins and media push as well as a new digital version of the stories from Nineteen Press. Many cool wheels within wheels here – the fun is in the doing… 🙂