Musical Bingo Ep. #22 – ‘Somewhere West’; (a.k.a. ‘Laketown’)

I’ve been screwing around with a sound called ‘Laketown’ on the Kronos for a few weeks now… Again, nothing specific – just some chords that sound good with the patch so I can improv around them live. Well, this one came out so well, I decided to add an overdub of the ‘Spaghetti Guitar’ which perfectly complemented what was already there and gave it a bit of that David Lynch feel. The bending whammy bar guitar strings sound so real, I giggle every time.

Laura and I just got back from a week up in the mountains of Eastern Oregon hiking, jumping in hot springs, and otherwise enjoying being in a place with no cell reception or technology. Since the song has a lonesome out-west feel, I thought the images and music worked well together. Photos were of the Warner Valley, Hart Mountain, and the Steens Mt / Big Indian Canyon. The images pale in comparison to the experience…

Thanks for listening!