Hey all! Did an actual Music Bingo this week, pulling 5 notes from the vase – got a fantastic (and a bit funny over the top) progressive rock sound and nailed it on the first try. I can’t wait to share it! However, it’s fun enough that I wanted to spend a little more time on the video – which is why this weeks’ video is a bit delayed.

Coming Soon i promise! 🙂 So, in the meantime, here’s Fred.

Fred is a solo piano stream of consciousness improv walk through the Neighborhood of Make Believe.

I learned more about being a descent person from Fred Rogers than a vast portion of the world I saw.   And that it’s ok to be different.   and Caring.    and Sensitive.    And have a fishtank….   What…??!

This was originally going to be the closing track on Orbit, but as records evolve, songs change and it just felt better to end at the beginning with Winter:Reprise, but I still find the random simplicity of it charming.