Relax with our Yule Log!

For years, watching a Yule Log on Christmas Eve (or day as the schedule worked out) was a tradition. It always would bug me when there would be edits and suddenly the same log would re-appear a half hour later or (worse yet) switch to an entirely different fire. As the opening track for my 2013 CD “Orbit: A Love Story” was named “Winter,” I took it as a sign and decided to record a new Yule Log with the high-def camera from CCAT-TV in Corvallis.

The full one-hour Yule-Log for 2012 includes:

Forty Below
Peaceful Worlds
Four… The Love Of…
Contemplation (Mendelssohn)
Wind Chill (Orbit)
Sol Matin
A Less than Perfect Fifth
Sultry Slumber
Nonviable Economics
Closer To The Ground

All compositions by Robert Peckyno except
“Contemplation” by Mendelssohn.