The Stars Are Watching Me – First Preview

I have finished recording all of the tracks for “The Stars Are Watching Me” – my most diverse concept album to date.   Many of the tracks used the base tracks recorded during the Musical Bingo sessions.   As I was playing these out, I started to get a piano part that I really liked.

Soon came the drum samples and bass track.   Then the strings/cellos… guitars/banjos… timpani/crash…  sound effects…   well… you know… it’s me.  and this record is the most me I can be.    I feel it is the most complex and interesting work I’ve done.


Here is the full track listing: (preview contains 1, 3, 5, 6, & 9)

  1. The Stars Are Watching Me
  2. Tiny Pretty Blue
  3. Cylindrical Sea
  4. Watercolour World
  5. Said the Spaceman (the TUI song)
  6. Mars Wants Me Dead
  7. Spannungsbogen
  8. The Deconstruction of Falling Stars
  9. But Who Does…?

Everything is currently being mastered in Nashville and I’m excited to hear the results!     If all goes well, it will be released digitally before the end April!