the Stars are Watching Me – Release Date!

I am excited to finally be able to release the Stars are Watching Me.   It should be online starting September 15!

This album runs the genre gamut from progressive electronic compositions reminiscent of Massive Attack and John Carpenter (with hints of Trans-Siberian Orchestra), through Stevie Wonder-esque pop grooves, and even orchestral soundtrack-ish tearjerkers.    From folktronic to symphonic, this concept instrumental album is an emotional soundtrack filled with longing, love, conflict, and triumph glued together by melodic piano inspired by John Carpenter, Vangelis, Hans Zimmer, & Howard Shore.

Here are short samples from each of the tracks:

Finishing this record has been an adventure of its own!    This project started with backing tracks that were recorded live as part of the Musical Bingo project in Corvallis, OR in 2015 (now on the Unity Store!).    Piano overdubs and production were recorded during the following two years in Wellington, New Zealand at my home studio in Hataitai.   Final mixing and mastering was done in Nashville by my Bathsheva collaborator and Sleep-Ins guitarist Chad Corley at Self Help International.    And currently, artwork, liner notes, and all of the other details that make an album complete are underway at my new home and studio in Omaha, Nebraska.   It’s been a very long road, but I could not be happier with the result!

Looking out the back window of my studio in Hataitai where the piano parts for the Stars are Watching Me were recorded.
Looking out the back window of my studio in Hataitai, Wellington, New Zealand

I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I have.    As with most of my records, you’ll get much more if you listen with a good pair of headphones.    It is a very sad thing to me that listening to music has become something people do when they are doing something else.   Sometimes at least, it’s better to listen without the distractions of everyday life and let the emotion of the music take you.    I’ve heard this record probably 500 times now and there are a few points where I still get a bit of gooseflesh…   I hope you do too!