the Stars are Watching Me

This progressive electronic song is dark and full of intrigue. The interplay between a chill lounge piano and a biting synth lead grows till it sounds like Phillip K. Dick and Massive Attack worked together on a futuristic thriller full of tension. And yet, the seedy underside of this cat and mouse game is surprisingly chill. A perfect complement for mysteries and cocktails… and lasers.

In this world, there are always people watching. Nearly everything we do is on a camera or near a microphone. Even in our own homes, we find we are being watched. Perhaps somewhere out in space, there are beings who are fascinated with our daily routines and our to and fro. Perhaps this is all one giant alien game of Survivor Earth…

the Stars are Watching Me video still image showing an eye watching you

I created this video using as much royalty free video as I could find online.
I do not own any of this video, but I think it matches the music brilliantly!

‘the Stars are Watching Me’ is the title song from my 2018 CD which will be available online for
downloads at all major retailers or on my CD Baby store on September 15th.

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