8: Tharsis Drip | The Grooviest Coffee on Mars

There is a large (extinct) volcanic region on Mars called Tharsis and it is home to three giant shield volcanoes, known as the Tharsis Mons (mountains).

At the base of Ascraeus, the Northernmost volcano, there sits a small modern building…

Wooden floors and plush chairs look west out clear windows on an amazing view of Mount Olympus…;

With live music around the clock and BOGO drinks when there are two moons in the sky, species from across the galaxy brave the cold dust of Mars to seek out what is now regarded as the 4th strongest cup of coffee (and eighth most corrosive substance) in the Milky Way.

The eighth song from Orbit: A Love Story is Tharsis Drip.

“Goovetastic Waveforms recorded live at the best coffee house on Mars”

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