tSaWM (the Stars are Watching Me)


tSaWM grew out of a writing prompt I gave myself called Musical Bingo. MBV.1 was a project where I recorded (nearly) one song a week – every week. Often I would literally pull random notes pulled from a vase – occasionally even roll dice for random keyboard sounds – this was a project about coming up with ideas on the fly and going with it – usually while filming the whole thing as it happened. As the weeks went on, the music just got better and better.

Several of these original cuts have been edited into loops and put onto the Unity Asset store as background music for games. A big thank you to those who have picked up a copy there – I can’t wait to see what you do with it! 🙂

I picked out my 10 favorites and produced them out with full drums/piano/guitars/flutes/wild birds…!!? and that became the Stars are Watching Me. The album was released on CDBaby/iTunes/Amazon/etc. in September of 2018. It is soooo good!