Reimagined Soundtracks | Devdas (2002)

I LOVE “The Antiques Roadshow” – especially the original BBC version – so I was excited that our television came with a digital channel that was nothing but Roadshow…! (We’ve seen them all now I think…) The point here is that the music in between episodes is this cute eighth-note violin bit, and I had wanted to write a similar piece for piano. So, I did! It is adorable! but then… well, you know me… orchestra and drums soon followed and it turned this one from a cute piano song into a production masterpiece – aptly titled “Roadshow”!! Favorite thing I’ve written this year – perhaps in many many years. Turn it up loud on good speakers… and dance!

When it came time to pick a movie pairing for this song, I knew exactly what I wanted to try right off. While it is true that my instrumentation is off for traditional Bollywood, I think that is exactly why it works here. Neoclassical Hip-Hop BollyDancing! For one brief moment, I can imagine myself getting to do a song for a movie like this… It is likely a dream, but it is a very good one! 🙂

“Devdas” is a fun movie from 2002 and the dance, that I’ve (significantly) edited here, is still one of the best ever put on film. [You should get a copy and see it today!!] Each performer is soooo good, and the cinematography and editing really give this film life! Admittedly, it also made my job easier… [You could probably dub monks chanting to this and it would still be exciting!]