Re-Imagined Soundtracks | D.O.A.

This cue (Sleep Deprivation) was originally written to be a “lab investigation” type cue, but for me there was also a feeling of forward movement. So, when I was looking for footage that might work as a pairing, I thought of D.O.A. and this long walk down the hall.

[D.O.A. (1949) / United Artists]

Still one of the best movie openings ever. The intro starts jarringly, instantly pulling you in… and though the music is perhaps too “groovy modern” for this particular film…, I had to use it anyways because the timing at the end was just perfect!! 🙂

About the 'Re-imagined Soundtracks' Project:  An ever expanding set of video examples for my compositions.   For all of these, the music was created first and then I sought out a film clip that might reasonably connect with what I was imagining and edited them together.   Obviously, the videos are not mine and are only being used as scoring portfolio examples.