Re-imagined Soundtracks | American Spring Live

This composition (In Time, We Rise) was written in response to a cue call for “uplifting and inspirational” piano music. It was the first song that I ever had forwarded through Taxi so it’s a little special for me (even if it hasn’t yet been used). When I was looking for a pairing, I felt the themes of regrowth, renewal, and rebirth in the music and the theme of the video really worked beautifully together.

When the butterfly took off at the end and the wing flutter matched the music, I knew I had chosen the right video… 🙂

This gorgeous video was an advert for a show called “American Spring Live” that was produced by Nature / PBS in 2019. Visit for more information on the show.

About the 'Re-imagined Soundtracks' Project:  An ever expanding set of video examples for my compositions.   For all of these, the music was created first and then I sought out a film clip that might reasonably connect with what I was imagining and edited them together.   Obviously, the videos are not mine and are only being used as scoring portfolio examples.