Re-Imagined Soundtracks | Krampus Wishes

The call for this one was for “Dark, Dystopian Instrumental Cue Covers of Public Domain Christmas Music.” The call also added that “Orchestral hybrid instrumentation with Christmas-y accents like glockenspiel, jingle bells, tubular bells, etc would suit submissions best.”

So, I went all in on an A-B-A “movie trailer” version of “We Wish You a Merry Christmas.” The result is one of the best orchestrations that I’ve ever created. I love the interplay between the glockenspiel and the strings not to mention the over the top ‘Star Warzy’ choir on the chorus…

As it is Christmas, the obvious choice for a video pairing example was one of the many Krampus (Krampi?) movies. This one, from 2015 (Legendary Pictures/Zam Pictures; directed by Michael Dougherty) is easily one of the best. It was almost too easy to put the two together. I kept a few short sound effects from the original trailer to help bring it together. It is – by far – my favorite re-imagined soundtrack project so far! 🙂

About the 'Re-imagined Soundtracks' Project:  An ever expanding set of video examples for my compositions.   For all of these, the music was created first and then I sought out a film clip that might reasonably connect with what I was imagining and edited them together.   Obviously, the videos are not mine and are only being used as scoring portfolio examples.