3: Orbit: A Love Story

We spend our lives orbiting towards and away from the lives of others. Some days, our gravity is huge and everyone wants to be around… Other days, friends rush away at escape velocity and are gone before we know it…Perhaps, if you are very lucky, you fall into a stable orbit with another and it can only be love…

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This is the title song and third release from this year’s “one song a month” album.   With this album, I decided to “take the gloves off” production wise. After two records of solo piano, I was dying to get back to the studio and do something a bit heavier. This started a few years back and was just the guitar and two of the pianos… but once the drums were laid down (about a year later!), it really started to develop a life of its own!

Think about the piano differently. Better in headphones!

One of my favorite videos so far.

Image Credits:  Hubble Space Telescope / NASA / The GigaGalaxy Zoom Project /
Animations created in Celestia – and Babylon 5.

You have always been here.