Reimagined Soundtracks | One Week (1920)

a.k.a. Bob and Laura go to IKEA… ;P

I needed something positive to help my mood after the lunacy that was October, and this was just the ticket. I was working on music for a scroller video game and had written the guitar part loop initially, but once I added the piano, bass, and drums, the song took on a wonderfully upbeat and positive vibe that’s just naturally foot-tappy and fun. Music geeks will appreciate that the guitars are ‘in the round’ (which you can hear in the delay).

For the film pairing, I wanted something equally fun and cute and there is a sweet sensibility in Buster Keaton’s work that I adore. One Week is a perfect example! Everyone has probably seen the edge of the house falling gag, but usually out of context… and the context is hysterical! I wanted to keep all of that humor so editing this was a challenge. Because of the “week,” the video had distinct sections and natural breaks that I had to edit down from just over 20 minutes to fit the song which is under 4!! I didn’t even notice till it was complete that the date of the housewarming part was Friday the 13th! 🙂

I hope this makes you smile at least twice!! If it doesn’t, you might be a robot…,

If it does, my job is done. 🙂

NOTE: I didn’t include the last two days of the week – to see how the movie ends, you’ll have to look it up!!! (It’s worth it!)