Musical Bingo Ep. #23 – "Bearded Vulcan (kitty) Epic"

Wanted to do an actual Music Bingo this week and pull some random notes and see what I could do with it. The sound (Combo D88) was a fantastic (and somewhat hysterical) over the top prog rock jam. I won’t say it was perfect, but for a first try improv, it came out pretty friggin rocking. The power chords at the end have such awesome bass that they make my day every time I hear them. You can see at the end of the video that I’m basically speechless at the improv’d absurdity that had just occurred. (For the impatient lot, music starts at 2:00 or so 😉

I wanted to play with the video a bit and hit on the idea of strapping a Go-Pro to Sasha for a ‘day out’ – but he’s recently become so terrified of everything outside that he no longer wants to go out. Which led to the next part of the idea… why? So, we made a video from his perspective with every video animation app thingy we could find (FX Guru, Action Movie, Super Power, etc.) and did our best to find things that might answer that question. It’s not exactly Peter Jackson…, but about all the perfection I had time for in a week… After all, it’s meant to be fun!

Disclaimer: Resulting nightmares about dancing cows, tsunamis, and tentacles are strictly coincidental… at least you’ll be rockin out in terror! Come to think of it…OMG, why did I not throw a Sharknado in? Next time….

I’m also pretty sure you won’t hear this in an elevator…. 🙂