the Music Mega-Combo Pack

Now on the Unity Store: A game music “Mega-Combo Pack” of One Hundred Four (104) songs/loops totaling over FOUR (4) HOURS of music ranging from sweeping classical themes to driving electronic rock; quiet meditation to suspense and horror.

Included in this Mega Combo pack:

Acoustic Atmospheres | Combo Pack 1

A combo pack of crafty acoustic atmospheres to inspire your heart and fire your imagination. Use case suggestions: Tavern, Exploration, Storytelling, Platformer, Puzzle

Currently* in this package are seven (7) files:

Gypsy Fandango: One part oom-pa and one part flamenco, this acoustic guitar piece is fun and a little sexy.

  • An acoustic solo guitar version for the more ‘tavern’ type experience. (1:58)
  • A super-cool version with layered hip-hop drum loops (see the example video) for zone exploration, fun platformer, or drop in ambience uses. (2:00)

Uplifting Adventures: This sweet & happy acoustic guitar seamless loop that exudes positive vibes. Both are (1:40)

  • An acoustic solo guitar loop.
  • A fun more ‘up’ version with drums as counterpoint.

Melancholy Tavern: No roadside tavern would be complete without some musical ambience. This acoustic guitar-ish loop (1:50) is just enough to set a mood without getting too much attention. The mood here is mournful melancholy…

Daydreams: Warbling hums and a wandering acoustic guitar combine with a bit of magic to create a warm and positive musical texture. Both are (02:55)

  • The guitar only version (3 guitars: Acoustic, Electric Wah, and Bells Guitar)
  • A fully produces version with warbling vocal hums, percussion, and magic!


Astounding Stories | the Epic Adventure Music Bundle

This bundle includes twenty seven (27) stereo 32-bit 44.1k .wav files including scenes for majestic title sequences, chases, mysteries, and even a battle or two. The four ‘books’ in this pack combine orchestral, rock, and industrial influences to create a driving set of soundscapes that are both unique and familiar.

Use case suggestions: Opening Sequence, Storytelling, Exploration, Battle, etc.

Phantoms of Reality

This mostly orchestral pack includes seven (7) 32-bit float stereo .wav files including :

  • An opening sequence (1:33),
  • A Main Title theme (1:07),
  • Two (2) tension scenes (one of which can loop) (:41) and (:56);
  • An extended jazzy chase sequence [loopable] (1:37)
  • An alternate version of the chase with an ending (1:58)
  • The full instrumental version of ‘Phantoms of Reality’ (6:18)

Mad Music

This pack includes eight (8) stereo audio .wav files:

  • Two (2) mystery scenes (1:23) and (:49);
  • Two (2) action scenes (2:00) and (:38); and
  • Three (3) violin focused themes (1:18)(:58) and (1:03)
  • The full instrumental version of ‘Mad Music’ (9:41)

Cave of Horror

This pack includes six stereo audio .wav files:

  • Two (2) investigation loops (2:41) and (:36);
  • Two (2) action scenes (1:49);
  • A sweeping ending (:37)
  • The full instrumental version of ‘the Cave of Horror’ (6:44)

the Beetle Horde

This pack includes six stereo audio .wav files:

  • Intro and theme (2:08);
  • Love theme (1:23);
  • Investigation loop (:32);
  • Battle (:36); and
  • Victory (:45)
  • The full instrumental version of ‘the Beetle Horde’ (9:15)


Inspirational Soundscapes | Combo Pack

A combo pack of unique bespoke soundscapes to inspire, motivate, and complement your next game. Use case suggestions: Background Music, Exlporation, Storytelling, Puzzle, Racing

Currently* in the package are nine (9) files:

Drive2Succeed: Complex electronic production with gospel aspirations.

  • A bigger version with the orchestra [3:04]
  • An ear candy version focused on the electronics [3:04]

Calling Me Home: A fun and groovy straightforward rock cue inspired by space adventures and the fulfillment of lifelong quests. [4:34] Also included exclusively in this combo package are:

  • The extended full version of the song [6:00]
  • A seemless cut rock loop [1:31]
  • A seemless cut guitar only loop [1:48]

Thoroughly Positive Pitzy: Nothing says fun like Pizzicato! This cute and campy orchestral piece features pitzy strings & a xylophone. [2:05]

Reality Countdown: A fun orchestral countdown/tension cue with four building sections and a frenetic finish. [1:45]

Moonlight Butterfly: Dripping with ambience and mystery, this cue evokes ancient ritual and spirits. [3:42]


Meditation Station | Combo Pack #1

Meditation Station is for music that can comfortably sit in the background and inspire your players. These could used for directed meditation applications or any environment where you need calm or thoughtful music. This package combines four (4) different Meditation Station singles packages into a convenient combo pack. Use case suggestions: Background Music, Puzzle, Peaceful Exploration, Meditation! 🙂

Included in the combo package are:

Eagle Pose (3:21 / 62.4MB) – Eagle Pose blends piano and orchestral strings with wide open spaces and reverence.

Zen Dawn (4:04 / 76.2MB) – For ‘Zen Dawn,’ bowls and bells accent strings and voices.

Morning Lotus (02:21 / 42.8 MB) – ‘Morning Lotus’ gently and slowly pulls the sun over the horizon with dreams and visions on the edge of memory.

Tree Pose in Wind (3:30 / 65.3MB) – ‘Tree Pose in Wind’ blends bells and orchestral strings with a gentle choppy wind in a dreamy and somewhat pensive wash.


Musical Bingo V1 – Atmosphere & Loops

Need a diverse array of instrumental music for your project? This is the package for you!

This package contains the full set of edited original songs (15) and seamless loops (26) from Musical Bingo V.1Use case suggestions: Platformer, Exploration, Children’s, Variety

See the Store for more detailed info!


Piano Poems | Combo Pack 1

Piano Poems Vol 1 includes six (6) bespoke piano cues spanning a variety of emotions perfect for unobtrusive background, story sync, puzzle countdowns, and many other uses.

Use case suggestions: Puzzle, Sad Adventure, Storytelling

Included in Vol. 1 are:

  • For Better Days [01:20]
  • in time, we RISE (x2: One w/ and one wo/ the clock) [2:10/2:08]
  • Memory Tears [2:25]
  • Recycle Hope [1:09]
  • World Weary [2:13]


Space Horrors | Combo Pack #1

A combo pack of unique spacey soundscapes that build an atmosphere of tension and fear.

Use case suggestions: Exploration, Danger, Inspiration

Currently* in the package are five (5) files:

Ambience 1: a.i. This dark evolving atmosphere slowly builds tension with an antique piano and various filters and small events. Perfect for a derelict space station that’s full of corpses and home to an evil a.i. [5:54]

Ambience 2: Isolation Alone on a space station, you begin to hear things… Was that a drip? Was that a moan…!!? Do I hear air leaking…? Is it… space madness!!? Let your imagination run away with you. This is great background ambiance for horrors and deep depths with a touch of outer space creepy. Lots of small events throughout to keep it interesting and terrifying. [5:51]

Ambience 3: Radiation More space-y than horror, this one ranges from moderate tension to sweeping inspiration. This loop includes mild filtered percussion loops and dramatic wavering strings that feel like gamma-rays coursing through your brain… [8:50]

Ambience 4: Martians One part 1950s cheezy Sci-Fi Theremin-y ambience, and one part EDM with Hip-Hop overtones. Great for shooters, platformers, and fighting Martians…!

I’ve included two versions for flexibility:

  • One with just the music and sound effects / ambiance (exploration) [3:50], and
  • One with a cool sporadic driving groove [4:00] (battle)
  • I am also including the full [16:34] original that you can cut to serve your use case.


BONUS!: I’m including 4 extra songs from the upcoming Investigation Station Music Pack!!

That’s 104 total songs/loops in one package!

*These packs will grow. Includes future song additions to select packs!

Now on the Unity Store!!