Meditation Station: (the Zen of) Color and Water

This song (Zen Dawn) was written in response to a cue call for Meditation and Yoga/Spa music. There were similar bells in one of the example tracks so I went with a combination of voices and the bell to give some movement over the wash. The delay serves the role of ‘monkey mind’ – slowly diminishing towards the clarity found at the ending.

This gorgeous video was originally created by Engin Akyurt (
His music is also cool!!, but for the video above I replaced it with mine.

Cosmologists might see some interesting parallels between the motion demonstrated above and the filamentary structure of the universe on large scales. Was Aristotle on to something?

‘Meditation Station’ is a collection of musical cues written specifically for meditation, yoga, spa, relaxation, etc.

Close your eyes.
Breathe deep.
Open you mind.
Breathe deep.