Musical Bingo #34 – the Long Winter

My Musical Bingo this week is an instrumental revamp of ‘The Long Winter’ by one of my favorite bands from Pittsburgh, the Affordable Floors.  (You have to click through to hear this one…)

As a musician, you release your children in the wild and you never know what effects it has. If you are popular enough, you might get a letter or email, but for most of us that don’t sell millions of copies, it’s blind faith that somewhere out there – some folks are hearing the music on Pandora or Spotify or whatnot and maybe – just maybe – they dig it. Perhaps they came to shows, bought a CD, took it home and it changed their lives…

I have purchased every album by the Affordable Floors (the first, actually originally on cassette!) when I was young and, to this day, have them on my mp3 players/ipods/etc. (despite the fact that they voted against us in the DVE local bands show at Graffiti – but that’s another story) Their music over the years has provided me with literally countless hours of inspiration and sometimes even insight. People don’t say nice things often enough, so I wanted to take the opportunity to say thanks to them. Your ‘children’ made a real difference in my life.

Finally, I really love the hooks on their first record ‘the Sounding’ – the remake of ‘the Long Winter’ on the not-officially-released record company version was quite different and, while catchy in it’s own right, for me it was just less memorable. This version combines my favorite bits from both.

So, any guitarists / vocalists want to finish this up and release it? Cause, I do.