Hard Like Water

It was one of my undergraduate prof’s that taught me the phrase “Hard Like Water.”      Water takes the shape of the container it is in – it grows to meet the environment filling all that is empty – but it never stops being water.    His point was that some people are this way too.    It has become one of the foundational modus operandi of my life.    From driving a forlkift in Myrtle Beach, to running a toy store in Texas, from booking gigs for Garth Brooks in Tennessee to analyzing images at the NASA/Jet Propulsion Lab – I have always tried to fill my container while trying to not compromise my core values.   To do good work for the sake of doing good work, no matter the job.

Yesterday was my final day as the Public Info Rep. for History, Philosophy, and Religion at Oregon State.    It was a container that was wonderful to fill.    I had the opportunity to be creative and – in some small way – make a difference by supporting – through my work – the causes and principles I believe in.    It was a rare instance of life synchronicity and I think both SHPR and I are the better for it.       The people were mostly wonderful and – despite myself – I ended up actually becoming friends with many.   (something generally very hard for me because of all the moving…)    If that wasn’t enough, in a miracle beyond hope, I was actually able to get my class “the History of Outer Space” approved on ecampus.     I could not be more thankful.

Today begins the next step – or at least the beginning of the prep for the step.    I honestly don’t have a vision for where this step will take us… yet.      One of the other core truths I have learned is that ‘if you jump off the cliff, you’ll do everything in your power to find a way to land…’     However, 8-5 life is not conducive to progress.   By the time your day is done, you have time for about one thing each night before you collapse exhausted so you can get up early and do it all again.    (it’s a bit funny that I was known for my energy at OSU since a vast portion of the time I was often tired near the point of delirium…)     Perhaps it’s easier for me than most since we’ve reinvented our lives so many times before.    Fear of the unknown future should never be the reason you don’t take the first step…     So, for better or worse, I’ve jumped!

There is a lot to do if we are going to do if we are going to make it to the Te Araroa Trail