Frumpy Cauliflower!!

I very much disagree with the US Copyright Office that there is no human originality in AI-generated art. Here is a perfect example. No computer would ever ‘imagine’ a frumpy cauliflower wearing glasses’ (which was my exact prompt for this image). Yes, I did not draw it, but I imagined it and had it produced for me as a work for hire by an artist who happened to be a computer.

These are very established legal norms.

And look into those eyes… they deserve love too!! ????

Do I owe someone .0000032 cents for this? Everyone who has ever taken a picture of a cauliflower? Clearly, not all things are equal… Or was this trained on a public-domain cauliflower?
There are no easy answers, but denying all protections and humming loudly won’t make it go away.
Caulflower is watching…!