CubaDupa 2017

This was our first CubaDupa and we weren’t sure what to expect, but we were so glad we went!    It was fantastic, fun, quirky, outrageous, and occasionally over-the-top silly!   (probably why we liked it so much!)    For those that don’t know, CubaDupa is an annual street festival in Wellington.   The official website describes it:

CubaDupa is Wellington’s vibrant street festival revering the epic creative spirit of Cuba Street and the Wellington community. Wellington’s most iconic street is transformed to a magical interactive playground of delight, sound and taste.   CubaDupa brings all walks of life together in an immersive experience to ‘get on up’ during the day or ‘get on down’ in the evening – restaurants will spill into the streets to create a culinary cacophony; people will flow through the streets and laneways, exploring the myriad of spaces filled with activity, music, dance, circus, theatre, and installation.

Having lived in Portland, Oregon – US capital of weird, I was pleasantly surprised to find that Wellington took it to a whole new level.    Two big highlights for us were first – the VR experience put on by Wellington Chocolate Factory with some help from our new friends at ProjectR.    Very fun and very well done!   and second, our amazing lunch and beer at ‘Grill Meats Beer.‘    We went in expecting typical bar burgers and found so much more (and better quality)!    Delicious & highly recommended!

Here are a few images from CubaDupa (and these don’t come anywhere close to doing it justice):