"Twelve Two Five" – Musical Bingo Ep #1

Hey all! Happy holiday season no matter what you celebrate! I thought I’d set up the camera and pull four random notes from a stack and see what sort of Holiday improv I could do on the spot while the cameras were rolling.

The first attempt an awesome ode for peace to Kim Jong-un…. but I forgot to hit record on the audio so it was lost…. (sorry about that… we do still want peace…) This was the second attempt.

After it was done, I edited in some b-roll to keep it interesting.    Keen eyes may notice ornaments that have been gifts over the years – some as far back as the 70s and even a Woot! ninja!

Anywho, Swell Solstice – my warmest wishes to you and yours!
May your 2015 be filled with awesome!