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Johnny Depp as Sweeny Todd looking both deranged and menacing.

Reimagined Soundtracks | Sweeney Todd (2007), Corpse Bride (2005), & Sleepy Hollow (1999)

This time, I had two goals. The first was thematic. I wanted to write something that would be at home in a Tim Burton movie. How'd I do?

2023 Recap

I’m not going to hedge, 2023 was a very difficult year for me. I don’t say that in a “bad”...

Reimagined Soundtracks by Robert Peckyno

Reimagined Soundtracks | Devdas (2002)

Favorite thing I've written this year - perhaps in many many years. Turn it up loud on good speakers... and dance!

Reimagined Soundtracks | One Week (1920)

a.k.a. Bob and Laura go to IKEA… ;P I needed something positive to help my mood after the lunacy that...

Reimagined Soundtracks | Maniac (1934)

In an attempt to purge some pent-up frustrations, I wanted to write something hard-ish and prog-ish with a blitzing solo....

Frumpy Caulflower

Frumpy Cauliflower!!

I very much disagree with the US Copyright Office that there is no human originality in AI-generated art. Here is...

Space History Weekly Overviews

To start each week of the History of Outer Space Course, I created a video to help 'set the tone' and introduce the topics for the coming week.

2023 yARrrr Pirate Adventure Statistics

Treasures Chests Everywhere…!

Everyone is out searching West Seattle for Augmented Reality Treasures and Glass Floats this weekend!! I happen to know where...

REGISTER YOUR TEAM for the 2023 Summer Scramble yARrrr Pirate Adventure!!

We are excited to announce that team registration for the Summer Scramble yARrrr Pirate Adventure is now open!! Hop on...