Our first Augmented Reality App!

Wellington, NZ has an amazing amount of street art and murals. It’s one of my favorite things about the place. So, I thought it would be fun to use Augmented Reality (AR) to make some of them come to life!

This was my first go at an AR app! Currently, the app currently only exists on my phone and mostly covers the murals in Opera House Lane, but if there is interest in the comments, I will augment others and try to put it up on the Google Play store.

I used Unity with Vuforia to create the Android app, Adobe Photoshop/MS Paint3d to create the augments, Cubase/Korg/Karma to make the music, and Adobe Premiere to make this video.

All photography is by Robert and Laura Peckyno.

Music is “Said the Spaceman” from The Stars Are Watching Me (2018)

This project was inspired by the amazing work of Australian AR artist Sutu, who I first encountered at the augmented reality ‘Te Papa Talks’ last year. Who knows – maybe some of this work will end up on the Eyejack app one day…! 🙂

Also, I feel that I have to thank Matthew Hallberg for his great AR tutorials and inspiration. You should check out his channel here:

(ps. This work is in no way endorsed by or paid for by the Wellington City Council, I just happen to think they are doing a pretty great job. 🙂