A busy Spring with much ado in the works!

2016 04 20_0933First and most important – I’ve added a show at the Albany Market on May 21st.    The market takes place downtown right near City Hall and has been one of my favorites over the years.

Because we are going to be mobile for awhile, this will likely be my last show at the markets for awhile and – if practice so far is any indication – it is going to be amazing!   I’ve pulled out all of the original backing tracks and will be doing Orbit: A Love Story in its entirety as well as a smattering of songs form all previous records.   Purists may have a problem with playing with tracks and I get it, but after a few times through the setlist, I can’t imagine why I have not done this sooner…  It sounds amazing and I’m genuinely very excited to play the songs as I’ve originally imagined them and, heaven help me, even perform them!

In that spirit, I’m also going to try to set up one nightclub show sometime over the summer and invite everyone to come in costume for a video shoot.   This will be a full video projection multimedia concert as well and should be a fun evening!   More to come.

Also in that vain, I will be hitting the road this summer with Laura and we will be slowly working our way across the US.   Since we’re going to be putting on the miles anyway,  I’ve decided to set up some shows along the route to make it interesting and, who knows, maybe even pay for some of the gas…   Also, more to come.