Teaching Art With A.I. Rockets

There are lots of open questions both copyright and moral about AI created art – but, of all of the various discussions regarding the rise of AI, one that hasn’t really been discussed is using AI to TEACH art style. Ask yourself – What makes a style? What makes art unique? Color? Texture? Tone? Medium?

Using AI, it’s pretty easy for students to generate multiple images side by side and compare them. It’s a great ‘2-fer.’ Students can simultaneously get experience using the technology while learning the basics of art and style over time! This allows the teacher to marry the practical technical skill of creating AI art with the theoretical lessons that will give them breadth and context.

Here’s an example using one of my favorite subjects – ROCKETS!!

Can you recognize the artists style based on the images? Look at the rockets below and try to guess who or what style they were based on. Mouse over or tap to see the answer.

Another question one might ask is: How can you quantify a single artists contribution to an art movement? If 10 artists in an art movement accept AI and 10 reject it, how will that substantively impact model generation of that style and how will that impact each artists long-term recognition and value?

Because of the current limitations regarding resolution, it is unlikely that A.I. art will replace an artist that can do a 5′ canvas with oils – but it can (and will) be used for a host of other art related functions and – at least one of those – should be training new artists! I can’t think of a better way to interest young digital artists and expose them to the wider context they operate within.