Re-Imagined Soundtracks | Wipeout! (2015)

I have a confession. I LOVE competition shows. Whether they are cooking competitions (Great British Bake-off, Iron Chef, Great British Menu, etc.), creative competitions (Making the Cut, Face-off, etc.) or physical challenges (Wipeout, American Ninja, etc.), I find them both entertaining and perhaps even inspiring.  I want to see one for Composers… just sayin.’  (ps. if you steal this idea, you could at least make me a contestant!)

I wrote this piece (Reality Countdown) in response to a cue call for ‘excitement and elimination music’ and I really love the way this piece builds to a frenetic finish. It might also work for game ‘story music’ and perhaps even battle music in the right game.

For this pairing, I chose one of my fav. obstacle course shows – Wipeout! I had to keep the commentary as much as possible (too funny!) while muting the music as much as possible to make room. I still need to fix the messy violins in part 3, but I hope you think this is as fun as I do! 🙂