Space Horrors | Ambience #1 & #2

I’ve been trying to stretch more into game territory doing more ambience inspired music and, it’s no surprise that I started with “Space Horror!!” Three of you just laughed… Let’s be honest, I’m a gamer geek AND a lunatic composer.

The obvious (and best) choice for this one was System Shock. One of my favorite all-time games from back in the day – now being revived by Nightdive Studios and looking better then ever in this playable demo – up on Steam now.
(Support them @ !!)

I had so much fun with that one, I made a second one…

For this video, I went with Lord of the Rings Online. I know, I know, it’s not space or horror – but… it works! The ending musical scream gets me every time and it reminded me of Nazgul…

Loop it while you sleep for creepy dreams…!