but Who Does?

“but Who Does…?” is a sweeping inspirational that is perfect for quite introspection and reflection. Like an epic poem, this track unfolds deeper meanings and personal epiphanies with successive listens. Reminiscent of Vangelis or Howard Shore, this soundscape starts gentle and builds to a full symphonic apotheosis. Bring tissues.

For this video, I dove back into the Public Domain movie archive for inspiration and came up with this wonderful gem.

‘The Conquering Power’ is a 1921 American silent film romantic drama directed by Rex Ingram (director) and starring Rudolph Valentino, (the beautiful!) Alice Terry, and Ralph Lewis. The film was based on the novel Eugénie Grandet by Honoré de Balzac.

Image of Ralph Lewis from the 1921 movie the Conquering Power
The original run time was over an hour and a half – my editing challenge was to retain the story and shorten it down to just over 7 minutes…
I think I succeeded and it fits up surprisingly well with the music!   (Provided you are ok with the musical celebration climaxing at his death…
(and her freedom and independence)

‘…but Who Does?’ is from my 2018 CD ‘the Stars are Watching Me’
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