11: Atlas Street and Living in the Moment

When I started the Orbit project, I only had some of the record written and really none of it produced out.   But, I had enough that I didn’t think that one song a month would be impossible, and what better way to motivate yourself than to give yourself deadlines… right?    Well…  then I lost Slam, Dave H passed on, I’m knee deep in a revamp of Volcano World, I started a class in digital brand management, and work at SHPR has been at volume 12 for several months now.   I’ve been a bit distracted!!!   and so…, my 12 month orbit has been extended a bit…   (I haven’t reached a Martian orbit yet, so there’s always that possibility ..)

Anywho, long story short, I’ve finally gotten back on track and finished another song!   Song #10 on Orbit: A Love Story is a song called ‘Atlas Street’ which I first wrote in 1991 when I was living there with p.19.   During off times, I wrote progressively stranger and stranger sequences on the keyboards – over a hundred songs in a three years period…  Admittedly, much of it was not very good, but there was the occasional really interesting bit.    Atlas Street was one of those better bits.   I have been playing a version of it live for a few years now, but this version is way cooler and SO much funkier.   This one is for you Dave.   Another full circle…

As with several other songs on Orbit, I once again find that I don’t really know what genre this is… You can get a copy on Bandcamp!