Short Bio

Robert PeckynoRobert Peckyno is an instrumental composer best known for mixing progressive electronic psychedelic new-age space rock with his unique delayed piano style.  He began playing and performing at age 4 and his compositions have been used in games & television as well as several hundred YouTube videos.   He has toured the US as an ethnic folk dancer and singer, helped to launch Garth Brooks’ career, and provided scientific support for the Cassini mission to Saturn.    When not composing or performing, he teaches university students about the history of outer space.

On September 15th, Peckyno releases his 10th studio album the Stars are Watching Me – a sci-fi inspired concept album that runs the genre gamut from electronic compositions reminiscent of Massive Attack and John Carpenter (with hints of Trans-Siberian Orchestra), through Stevie Wonder-esque pop grooves, and orchestral soundtrack-ish tearjerkers inspired by Vangelis, Hans Zimmer, & Howard Shore.   “This was an opportunity to stretch into new territory and take the listener on a diverse musical adventure filled with longing, love, conflict, and triumph – all glued together with a piano.”

“I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I have,” Peckyno adds.  “As with most of my records, you’ll get much more if you listen with a good pair of headphones without the distractions of everyday life.  I’ve heard this record over 500 times and there are a few points where I still get a bit of gooseflesh…   I hope you do too!”