Astounding Stories available November 1st 2020

Robert Peckyno

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Astounding Stories, Vol. 1

In early 2019, I began wanted to try an experiment live on Twitch.    I began reading stories from the magazine “Astounding Stories of Super Science” – specifically the first two issues from 1930.    The experiment was to try to compose some music / soundscape / background for the stories while simultaneously having to read them – in character (if possible) – all off the cuff, without ever looking at the stories ahead of time.   It was great fun and got better each time.   To my great surprise, there were people who would show up every day to listen to the stories!    All Twelve of these stories are still up on Twitch as video collections, but here’s the very first one… ‘the Beetle Horde!’

But, you know me – wheels within wheels…   The real goal of this project was to take those 12 themes that were initially developed live  – and go back into the studio and produce them out into full soundtrack ready pieces that could be submitted as instrumental queue’s for film/tv/game work.   The resulting record is part audiobook, part soundtrack, part prog rock, and part electro.   You have probably never heard an album like this before… I know I haven’t!

Because I am having so very much fun doing them, I’ve decided to release these in three separate EP’s.    Vol 1 – containing the first four stories – will be released in July (probably) of 2020 – assuming some strange virus doesn’t spread rapidly through the world causing massive disruptions….    In addition to the music downloads (both ‘narrated with sound effects’ and ‘instrumental only’ versions are included), there will also be a special edition digital book of the four stories with embedded music and four Unity based mini-games.

More info to come!    Check out some samples from the first four below.

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