Art and Photography

Laura and I are avid photographers and digital artists.
Select prints are now available for purchase on our Etsy Store,
along with a bespoke collection of dresses, scarves, lounge pants, and more!

You can also find us on Pinterest and Flickr!

the Divine Morning Coffee Collection

The ‘Divine Coffee’ collection takes the concept of morning coffee and filters it through the styles of various artists and movements over the years. These are unique original works that combine Photoshop and Illustrator work with advanced AI image generation and neural filter processing. I really love how they turned out and I hope you
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BAG-ins!! Cool new bags have arrived!

What has he got in his pocket…? Nothing! Because it’s all in his new cool bag! That to say – we’ve added several supercool new bags to the store including: Art deco “Aviator Cat” tote bag Abstract “Space Flower” tote bag Adorable “Doggie Bag” tote bag Colorful “Cave of Hearts” tote bag Unique “Kraken in
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The Harmony of Galactic Soul

Laura and I are deep into the AI art phenomenon and have worked with both DALL-E2 and Midjourney. We are making prints of our best creations and will be selling them at fairs / coffee shops locally in the Seattle area as well as our new Etsy shop for those further afield. the harmony of
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Antique Keymasters

I’ve been working on images related to antique keys, piano players, and the like and really love all the suggested detail in these two new pieces.

Streaming Piano Keys

I’ve been working on a series of art prints around the theme of streamingkeys. This was the first one I did and I still love it!

Cranes, Flowers, and More! | August Photos

Images from around Seattle for August 2021 including a great shot of the new cranes that have been installed on the port – completely blocking my (previously) wonderful view of the city. Ah well, what can you do? Good to see the port getting ready to go and I can’t wait to do a timelapse
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Ferries, Fireworks, and Forests | July Photos

July was also a busy month for us including a fantastic ferry ride to Vashon Island for an afternoon walk in the forest. This month we racked up a not too shabby 31.46 miles. On the 4th, someone lit fireworks right next to the house – giving us some of the most spectacular close up
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Alki Panoramas, Ocean Shores | June 2021 Photos

My tracker says we walked over 34.5 miles in June (I only put it on when we go on walks, so 100% of that is adventure!! 🙂 It feels good to be getting slowly back in shape and looking forward to longer haul walks as time allows. Much of these walks were along Alki Beach
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Seattle & the Nucor Heat Haze | April Photos

Between our deck and the city of Seattle lies Nucor. According to their website, they are the safest, highest quality, lowest cost, most productive and most profitable steel company in the world. This is mostly because they focus on melting down and recycling metals. The best part for us is that the ‘heat haze’ above
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Telephone Pole Messages

One of the ways that Laura and I have been trying to stay sane in all of this is to get outside and go for walks around the neighborhood. Someone has been posting meme’s to the telephone poles (as well as some signs of support for the essentials – thank you folks!) and many of
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Western Vistas

Just about done going through the photos from our latest drive through the Western United States. Many of these feel like they could be either postcards or LP jackets. Enjoy and if you have a favorite, share it!

Scenes from a Train

Some more scenes from my Amtrak ride across the middle of the US including some great shots from inside the station in Chicago.

Other Recent Images