Re-Imagined Soundtracks | Much Ado … !

The opening sequence of the 1995 Branagh version of Much Ado always stuck with me. It swoops you into the story with humor and cheekiness but it never stops feeling regal and glorious.     

I originally wrote this piece of music for a “EPIC, FAMILY-Friendly FANTASY TRAILER-Style INSTRUMENTALS” cue submission but while I was writing it…, I kept imagining this scene.  I just couldn’t get the pairing out of my head… So, I thought it might be fun to actually edit them together and see how well the music worked.However, the cue needed to be 2:30 and the opening sequence in the movie runs about 10:00…, so I had to be a very liberal editor to make it fit while still retaining some semblance of the narrative story and emotion.       If I don’t say so myself, I think they work pretty well together!

About the Re-Imagined Soundtracks project: An ever expanding set of video examples for my soundtrack-ish music to help put them in context. For all of these, the music was created first and then I sought out a film clip that might reasonably connect with what I was imagining. Obviously, the videos are not mine and are just being used as scoring portfolio examples.