Watercolor World

“Watercolor is like life. Better get it right the first time, you don’t get a second chance.” – Sergei Bongart

‘Watercolor World’ is an upbeat folk pop instrumental with rhythmic strumming piano/banjo (pianjo?) melodies backed by a resonant neo-classical violin.  This 80s inspired soundtrack conjures images of Dexy’s Midnight Runners meets When in Rome backed by an orchestra.

For the video, I thought I’d make use of this stack of timelapses that I had taken during my two years in New Zealand. Most of these were taken in either Wellington or Dunedin and a few were from Kohukohu. I gave them a watercolor effect and pumped up the color to create a somewhat Miyazaki-ish look. It is hard to overstate the beauty of New Zealand.

Image of Kohukohu
This concept record started out as a space story, but as time goes on, I am finding that it is as much about preserving Earth.
I thought the watercolor analogy was very apt.
We only have one planet. We should always err on the side of abundant caution.
We don’t get a reset button or an undo.


‘Watercolor World’ is from my 2018 CD ‘the Stars are Watching Me’ which will be available online for downloads at all major retailers or on my CD Baby store on September 15th.   You should pre-order in on Amazon right now!

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