Musical Bingo #28 ‘Shotpouch’

Laura and I spent the weekend at Shotpouch Cabin in the Oregon coast range this weekend. A great opportunity to get away, be creative, and get a recharge before the madness of Fall begins. All of the images and video were taken on the property.

I got back from the cabin, sat down at the keyboards, picked a sound I had never used before and hit record – this is, amazingly, what came out. (no edits, no overdubs, no production, etc.)

During my time at SHPR, I have had the opportunity to hear (and film) Kathleen Dean Moore several times. For me, her lyrical words never fail to hit the right balance between urgency and inspiration. I have to admit that I too am seeking a way forward and her quote was the perfect fit on several levels.

I’m very proud of this one, I hope you enjoy!